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Van Buren County

Van Buren County is home to South Haven, a top tourist destination in Southwest Michigan. The Black River meets Lake Michigan right in town, and has a long history of lakefront development and recreational activity. Much of the county is farmland dotted with small towns. Many of the inland lakes are ringed with homes, either by people living year-round or cottagers, generally people who live the rest of the time in Chicago. Tourism is a major industry in the areas near Lake Michigan. Recreational opportunities include the popular North Beach in South Haven, the Kal-Haven Trail, a multi-use trail converted from old rail line that runs from Kalamazoo to South Haven, many local wineries & breweries, and numerous farmers markets that showcase local fruit & produce.

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Cities in Van Buren County:

Van Buren County Lakes:

Ackley Lake
Bankson Lake
Brandywine Lake
Cedar Lake
Christie Lake
Clear Lake
Crooked Lake
Eagle Lake
Fish Lake
Gravel Lake
Great Bear Lake
Halls Lake
Huzzys Lake
Lake 11
Lake 14
Lake Cora
Lake Of The Woods
Lime Lake
Lower Jephtha Lake
Lower Reynolds Lake (south)
Maple Lake
Mud Lake
Mud Lake (Version 2)
North Lake
North Lake (Version 2)
Round Lake
Rush Lake
Saddle Lake
School Section Lake
Scott Lake
Shafer Lake
South Crooked Lake
Three Legged Lake
Three Mile Lake
Upper Jephtha Lake
Upper Reynolds Lake (north)
Van Auken Lake
Wolf Lake